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The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging

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Available Courses

  • All students will gain a fundamental knowledge of MRI physics, instrumentation, image acquisition, safety, patient care, and cross sectional anatomy. Students will gain the knowledge required to safely work with patients and staff in a magnetic resonance imaging environment. Students with clinical MRI experience will become better prepared for the advanced level MRI Certification offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

  • Fundamentals of Computed Tomography
  • This course is the third quarter review content for the MRI clinical program at Central Georgia Technical College.
  • This interactive learning tool is the quickest and most effective way to learn sectional anatomy. This tool includes anatomy of the brain, body, spine, upper extremity, lower extremity. Enrolled students receive 1 year of unlimited access all resources.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an interactive learning tool only, not a full Sectional Anatomy course. This tool is also provided as part of the MRI Registry Review. This tool is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • ARRT Radiography Registry Review includes 500 multiple choice questions and four mock registry exams. Questions are categorized in the same format as the ARRT registry test and includes full explanation for each answer. This is an excellent study resource for radiologic technologists preparing for the ARRT registry.
  • MRI Registry Review includes a complete online physics review lecture and four online practice tests with a total of over 800 multiple choice questions. These tests are categorized in the same format as the ARRT MRI registry test. The questions provide instant feedback and are randomized so that each test is unique each time you take it. 

    The registry review also includes several excellent study resources including a complete MRI glossary and an online copy of "The MRI Study-Guide for Technologists".

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